Show Reels . . . or Not?

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We at OV&P sometimes wonder about what our new or potential clients would most like to see in terms of samples of our work, and whether or not show reels are the answer. Given that they can provide a concise, high impact summary of relevant footage, this approach can be effective. As an example, here […]

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Behind The Scenes at OV&P

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Hey there, it’s Devon here, the new editor and chief decision maker. In other words, the bee’s knees, the hot shot, the head honcho . . . oh wait . . . Dave, please move out of the way, I’m trying to see myself in the mirror. Actually I’m the OV&P intern, in case you […]

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Authentic Women’s Day

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We had lots of fun at the Authentic Women’s Day Celebration hosted by Mareli Scott, who is an entrepreneur, global networker, speaker, authenticity authority and radio host. She had invited Naomi to present her Rock That Camera session for the lovely audience of ladies at The Graft Yard. Not far from our OV&P Studio, this […]

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How to Photograph Dogs

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Dogs add so much fun to life, don’t you agree? And to photo shoots for that matter . . . although there’s no denying that they can be challenging! Perhaps the most important thing to pack is a big dose of patience, along with your camera and a zoom lens, together with your flash. If […]

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Fortress of Steel

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We recently travelled to Cape Town on behalf of Fortress Income Fund to capture aerial and indoor footage of two of their iconic warehousing projects, one of which is under construction in the Montagu Business park, while the other is already completed and leased to Ciplamed. After a real run around at OR Tambo International, […]

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Rocket Science

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Without doubt, one of the most exciting bits of tech for video makers over the last 5 years has been the 3 axis video stabilising gimbal. Video Gimbals have been around for quite a while, but they were often huge helicopter based monstrosities that cost an arm and a leg. They still have an important […]

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