Adding Value in Virginia

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OV&P motored off to visit a mine site located in the Free State in a small town called Virginia. Whilst travelling, I was reminded again of how vast our country is. Continuous landscapes of sunflower and maize plantations, contrasted by isolated windmill pumps and cattle as well as veld and green bush, created a ‘portfolio […]

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Taste of Italy

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Do you ever dream of spending a heavenly interlude in the Tuscan countryside? Blessed to have visited there before, I can attest to its beauty and was recently inspired by this for a location shoot that we were doing for two special women, to create personal lifestyle portfolios, infused with a taste of Italy. As […]

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Why Attitude is a Scary Thing!

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We at OV&P continue to experiment and learn new skills as often as we can. This is the only way to stay ahead of the game, as in any hi-tech business. Our drone work is becoming a big player in our offering to a variety of clients and industries, none more so than large factories […]

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A World First

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Due to the variety of genres we shoot for our clients, we have a wish list for the gear we invest in, to make sure it meets the stringent requirements to produce world-class results. We have been fast approaching the switch from small sensor Full HD cameras to large sensor 4K cameras, and that time […]

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Leap of Faith

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Does being in front of a camera make you nervous? And for that matter, branching out with a new business idea? I’ve recently been in a position to experience both, in preparation for the workshops that I helped Naomi host at the Woman of Substance Health & Wellness Expo at the Good Vibrations Health Sanctuary […]

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Global Mentoring Walk 2016

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Talk about a walk with a difference, making a difference! It was my privilege and pleasure to participate on Saturday in the 2016 Global Mentoring Walk, which is part of the Vital Voices intiative to celebrate International Women’s Day. The walk provides a platform for phenomenal collaboration between established and emerging women leaders, drawing them […]

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