Historic Aerial Capture

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Not far from the Botswana border in the Northern Cape Province, nestled amidst the protected Camel Thorn Trees, our OV&P team recently had the opportunity of spending two days on the outskirts of the town of Kathu. Our mission was to capture the progress of Group Five’s phenomenal project, which was commissioned by Kumba, an […]

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Wow Your Website

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Video is a leading means of engagement on the Internet, so it makes sense to capitalize on this to up-level your website by sharing a compelling intro video on the front page, for example. This can take many forms, depending on your focus, but a simple and impactful approach can be to film yourself speaking […]

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Visual Marketing Revamp

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Revisiting the design and content of your website can result in a vibrant brand refresh, particularly when new photo and video content is included to enhance relevant, laser-focused copy. I recently worked through this process on my signature website www.naomiestment.com, which is where I share camera coaching for visionary women who want to Rock The […]

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How To Rock Your Selfie

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Let’s face it, selfies are the flavour of the day, but while there are ways to rock them, they can also bomb badly. Above is a cool example by Dave and one of our freelance cameramen, Chris Duys, showing how much fun they can be, and how well they can work when you get creative […]

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Drone Time, or Not?

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Drones, or Multicopters as they are known, have caused controversy across the planet since they hit the hi-tech world of film making and photography a few years ago, not to mention being treated as rather dangerous toys by the public at large, and as a new arrow in the quiver of criminals and law enforcers. […]

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SA Legends Open The Market

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The Johannesburg Stock Exchange sets the bar in so many ways – not only being ranked by the World Economic Forum as the best regulated exchange in the world and exemplifying superb business practise, but also in terms of the exceptional events that they host. We are particularly privileged to frequently provide videography for these, […]

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