Special Maternity Shoot

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It’s not every day that you’re treated to the opportunity of photographing a beautiful woman just a few days before she’s due to give birth . . . and it’s a lot less likely that she’s your daughter-in-law. Fortunately for me, this happened last month. Despite the fact that she’s undeniably camera-shy, our daughter-in-law Liz […]

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Phenomenal Lady

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There is particular fulfilment in helping someone transcend their resistance to the camera, especially in the case of a phenomenal lady who has a specific business need for a compelling portfolio. What a pleasure it was to recently co-create this with Anel Bester. A profoundly inspiring person and gifted wellness coach, Anèl is also founder […]

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How To Pan Like A Pro

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I am often asked how to get really impressive action shots of fast moving subjects. Well, the key to this skill is threefold: 1. Steady Hands – As you become more confident that you have steady hands, you become more confident that you can shoot still subjects at lower shutter speeds. This is important because […]

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The Magic of Super Slow-Mo

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We have all seen the magical super slow-mo shots during sporting shows on TV, but not too many of us understand the technology that permits such smooth and seamless results in video productions. In South Africa, we have subscribed to the PAL TV standard, which means, amongst other things, that the standard frame rate in […]

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Iconic Sandton Penthouse

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Sandton’s landmark Katherine & West building, developed by Barrow Properties (part of the Barrow Group), has reached a new level of luxury with the recent completion of its suite of exclusive penthouse apartments, with the flagship unit incorporating a stunning pool deck and roof deck, pictured above and below. Situated in a prime position on […]

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Compelling Team Portfolio

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Working with a fabulous team of people is always a pleasure. This was the case for us recently, when we shot a portfolio of images for Zonke Engineering, who have been providing complete technical solutions to blue chip clients in the mass and heat transfer markets since 1997. For more information about their expert offering, […]

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