Free Video Content

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Do you have questions about studio photography or about how we can help you create video content for your website, for example? If so, stay tuned. In response to enquiries that we frequently receive, we’re sharing the first in a series of free videos that we’re creating for Naomi’s signature site, These aim to […]

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How to Showcase Products

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Professional product photography and videography are crucial elements of the majority of marketing activity both online and offline. From the high-definition still and moving images that adorn billboards and are broadcast on TV to the low res versions shared on Facebook and YouTube, capture quality remains key to effective brand promotion. As with other genres […]

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SABC2 50/50 TV Insert

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What a privilege and pleasure it is to play a role in sharing a newsworthy story with a wide viewership. This is the case with our national Safari Guide of The Year competition, which we captured in still images and video towards the end of November 2013. For more information, also about the winners, follow […]

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Importance of Retouching

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Debates sometimes rage about the degree of retouching that is appropriate – or in the case of photography competitions, acceptable – in the arena of digital photography. Opinions range across the spectrum from purists who feel that photos should be mastered entirely before being taken, through to artistic creatives for whom Photoshop provides a playground […]

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ICC World Cup Champions – SA U19 Team

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CONGRATULATIONS to all who contributed to South Africa winning the ICC Under-19 World Cup 2014 on Saturday, with a six wicket victory over previous champions Pakistan at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. What a brilliant achievement by a great team of guys! And what a privilege to have played some part in the process, in […]

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How to Photograph Families

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Family photo shoots are typically a recipe for lots of fun, whether in studio or on location. From a lovely young trio like Hamza, Farzana and Rania featured above, to an extended group of 12 or more people, the pleasure is always palpable and the memories treasured. A number of particularly unforgettable photo shoots we’ve […]

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