How to Select a Location

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Dreaming of the perfect place for your next location shoot? That’s a good thing. Dreams offer great food for thought, ideas for settings and inspiration for magic to happen when you step in front of that camera lens. Then there’s the practical side of pulling it all together and ensuring stunning photo and video results […]

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Fitness & Fashion Shoot

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Shooting modeling portfolios in our studio is always a pleasure – never more so than for a gorgeous young woman who embodies fitness, fashion and fabulous beauty. Carla Britz (pictured here) is just such a model, and we had a whole lot of fun creating a selection of photos to highlight this. Carla had a […]

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Occasionally, Less is More

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We have plenty of cutting edge camera gear that enables us to get the best out of any given circumstance, with a view to creating world class video and photographic galleries for our clients. Buying this equipment is a rather expensive exercise, but well worth it in the long run because it is more durable, […]

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Wildlife Video – for Fun?

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I had an interesting experience recently when my brother Mike and his lovely wife Lisa kindly gave Naomi and me the use of their 5 star lodge at Welgevonden Private Game Reserve in the Waterberg Mountains, for 5 days of fun. This meant that we could invite some great friends on an amazing safari getaway […]

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Show Reels . . . or Not?

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We at OV&P sometimes wonder about what our new or potential clients would most like to see in terms of samples of our work, and whether or not show reels are the answer. Given that they can provide a concise, high impact summary of relevant footage, this approach can be effective. As an example, here […]

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Behind The Scenes at OV&P

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Hey there, it’s Devon here, the new editor and chief decision maker. In other words, the bee’s knees, the hot shot, the head honcho . . . oh wait . . . Dave, please move out of the way, I’m trying to see myself in the mirror. Actually I’m the OV&P intern, in case you […]

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