How We Shoot The Lights Out

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In the last three years hi-tech drones have become an integral part of our video and photographic offering, and our clients love the new perspectives these amazing machines allow us to create. One of the most important requirements from a drone filming or photographic platform is to achieve rock steady video and pin sharp stills. […]

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2015 SGOTY Video

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WOOHOO! Here it is; the much-anticipated 2015 Safari Guide of The Year video, featuring outstanding finalist safari guides, expert judges, hosts, sponsors and guests, including this year’s VIP Nadav Ossendryver, who is the founder and CEO of the phenomenal crowd sourced wildlife community, Follow that link to discover an exceptional opportunity for you to […]

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Album Cover Shoot

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There’s something special about photographing a musician for the cover of their forthcoming album. It has to do with the delight of creative collaboration. This was the case recently when we headed out on location to shoot some stills for talented country artist Bernie Williams, who was the MC and entertainer at the recent 2015 […]

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Jhb Studio For Hire

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Isn’t it fabulous how a few key changes to our living or working space can bring a breath of fresh air to the experience of being there? That’s the magic of house whispering, or in our case “studio whispering”. Since building our studio (based in Randpark Ridge, Johannesburg) over 10 years ago, we’ve loved the […]

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Welcome Juanita!

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It gives us great pleasure to introduce multi-talented Juanita Meijsen, our new OV&P Operations Manager who is standing by to support you with your photography and/or videography enquiries. Given how gorgeous she is, we couldn’t resist a quick portrait shoot in our studio, to share some photos with you here and demonstrate how much fun […]

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How to Etch for Success

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Depending on the objectives you have for your staff portfolio, etching may offer an unmatched option that provides you with great versatility in terms of backgrounds and applications. As an example, we recently had the pleasure of photographing the Sheer Guard team in our studio. This innovative business provides premium quality transparent burglar bars and […]

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