It’s A Wrap

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Each year embodies its own special story, be it a vibrant collage featuring our earliest memories discovering the fabric of life – like the way marshmallows taste melted over flames – or the less whimsical chapters of adulthood, when focus and purpose tend to redirect our attention from the scent of fresh roses on the […]

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2014 SA Blog Awards

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We are delighted to share that this site is registered in the Best Photographic Blog category for the 2014 SA Blog Awards, which offer an opportunity to participate in celebrating some of the leading online contributors in South Africa. PLEASE VOTE BELOW (by scrolling down to click on the big red SA Blog Awards button) […]

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Importance of Multicam

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You’ve likely had the experience of multiple minds achieving exponentially better results than any one alone. The same often applies to photography and videography. In the case of multiple camera operators, people invariably see and shoot subjects in different ways. This is definitely the case for us. Naomi and I have worked together countless times […]

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How to Shoot Celebrations

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The festive season is a fabulous time to capture celebrations via photos and video, but if you’re new to shooting you may wonder where to begin. A great starting point is to apply the thinking that underlies video editing, namely that you are sharing a story. Cast your mind back to memorable fairy tales, which […]

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For Your Eyes Only

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When you’re in the mood for entertainment, James Bond delivers, being synonymous with epic action, beautiful women, cutting edge technology, iconic music scores, ultimate luxury and tongue-in-cheek humour. The aspirational lifestyle brand Yamaha embodies all of this and more, as evident in the new, Bond-inspired TV advert that we’ve created for them. In case you […]

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JSE’s Inspirational Events

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There is no disputing the pivotal role that expertly conceptualized and executed events can play in terms of engaging your market, amplified by capturing the action professionally in still images and video. Masterful at hosting select events, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange also plays a pivotal role in educating and inspiring countless people across South Africa […]

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