Power of Professional Profile Pics

Top model Lee-Ann Roberts

It’s wonderful to witness how beautiful portraits can contribute to their subject’s self esteem, not to mention towards their professional success. We’ve seen this over and again in our studio and on location, shooting hundreds of models and non-modeling people of all ages during the past decade. From bubbling children and tentative teenagers who are awakened to the delight of feeling attractive, to men and women well into middle age and beyond, who have never before appreciated a photo of themselves, or corporate staff photographed at their office, the sense of fulfillment is profound.

To treat you to some special eye candy, we’ve included sample photos here from a location shoot that we did with top model Lee-Ann Roberts and artist and entrepreneur Conor Mccreedy at Horizon Horseback Safaris in the Waterberg. If you’d lke to see more portraiture in various business and personal settings, you’re welcome to view samples in our various galleries via these links: Modeling & Portraiture, Location, Corporate, Families.

Apart from superlative equipment, part of the alchemy in professional photography lies in the fact that many photographers are pursuing their passion and tapping into natural talent in the process, which in the case of portrait photographers likely includes a gift for communicating with people and bringing out the best in them. When this is combined with years of experience, it can play an unparalleled role in achieving consistently stunning results.

A key bonus often overlooked with professional headshots is that inner confidence and freedom of expression tends to accompany the decision to invest in yourself with a professional photo shoot. This translates into a sense of self-worth and self-assurance, which radiates through the images and contributes to promoting personal or business career success, since these are primary attributes that prospective employers and clients alike are seeking.


Professional photographers can also assist their clients to relax and pose in the most attractive manner, while helping them to connect with the camera. On another level, not only do high-end cameras offer significantly better creative options than point-and-shoot alternatives, but professional lighting and expert processing is invaluable for producing beautiful profile pics.

Certain natural light can be lovely, particularly during golden hour – that mystical time just after sunrise and just before sunset. However, arbitrary lighting in photographs can detract badly from the way we generally see one another. This is because of the camera’s inability to differentiate light and shade as skillfully as our eyes do. The result can be harsh, unflattering shadows that age us well beyond our years in amateur photographs. Professional lighting, by contrast, can remedy this problem, as well as actually enhance our features.

In addition, appropriate backgrounds are fundamental to great headshots, ensuring that sufficient emphasis is placed on the person. Professional studios and portable backgrounds cater to these requirements expertly, while pro lenses offer great natural options by utilizing shallow depth of field that can blow the background to gorgeous effect. Other techniques like reflectors can also help to optimize natural light situations.

Conor Mccreedy, Artist and Entrepreneur

The important thing to remember is that prospective clients and employers will typically view your profile pic when connecting with you, so it needs to communicate an approachable, authentic message about you and your brand – be that friendly, fun, warm, professional, formal, informal or whatever works for you. This applies to teams as well, and we highly recommend shooting team photos in the same setting for consistency and professionalism.

Conor Mccreedy and Lee-Ann Roberts on Location

In summary, choosing the route of professional profile pics really comes down to valuing yourself and your business. Please contact us if you’re contemplating an expert update for your 2014 profile and would like to book a shoot. We’d be happy to help.