DNA Wild’s Website Images

DNA Wild Products Studio Shoot

In this age of the internet, professional website images are simply indispensable. As an example, we were delighted to recently shoot a range of images for the DNA Wild online store, which not only offers fabulous products at fair prices, but contributes to the greater good in the process. Owner-managed by zoologist, conservationist, humanitarian and entrepreneur, Emma van Wyk, this company sources and sells hand-crafted items from community projects around South Africa and supports local conservation projects too. This means that by purchasing any of the beautiful DNA Wild products, you not only get to enjoy their benefits, but also help to promote social upliftment, sustainable employment opportunities and conservation across this country.

Studio Shoot of cushions

Product Photography

Given the nature of the DNA Wild e-commerce website, as well as the size of these products, we shot them in studio on our light table – using two lights with soft boxes above and to each side of the table, adjusting intensity as required, combined with a light from below, also set appropriately. Attention to detail was important, especially taking into account reflections off the glazed ceramic pieces, while capturing the vivid colour of the products.

Studio Photos

Digital Processing & Editing

We had lots of fun together arranging the various items into attractive groups, allowing for variety across the different pages of the website, as well as individual images to showcase each item. Digital processing and editing followed the shoot, including etching the images for maximum impact, along with preparing them appropriately for the website. While it may be tempting to try to shoot website images without assistance, there is no question that professional equipment and expertise raise the game in terms of end results. With websites being so central nowadays to business success, these images play a crucial role in creating a superb online impression, hand in hand with effective off-line marketing efforts.

Products shot in studio for DNA Wild

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