One of our specialities is filming and photographing property and construction from ground and aerial perspectives. This short property development showreel shares ideas from some of the work we’ve done for our valued clients:

As mentioned in our showreel, we filmed and photographed the Barrow Group‘s Katherine & West building, which was voted the Coolest building in Jozi 2015 via the City Peaks people’s choice award. Here is our flyover video of the penthouses:

It can also be particularly effective to capture time lapse photos and footage of construction projects, such as this update video we created for FWJK and the stakeholders in their landmark Illovo Central development:

And here’s an example of a promo video that incorporates aerial and ground based footage, as well as photographs to showcase the gas solutions that Renergen‘s subsidiary Tetra 4 provides in the alternate energy mining industry:

For other samples of our work, take a look at our documentary, promotional and event videos, and our YouTube channel.