Pro photographer, videographer and aerial drone pilot, co-owner of Outdoor Video & Photographic, 2014 SA Best Photographic Blog Winner, 2015 and 2016 Runner Up.
Dave & Naomi Estment, co-owners of OV&P

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and everything of the best to you and yours for a fantastic 2023. May it bring all that you wish for and more!

Looking back, we spent most of last year planning, packing and re-positioning our company and ourselves in the Western Cape Winelands, which must be one of the most beautiful regions in South Africa. It’s also close enough to Cape Town to enjoy the excitement of the Mother City and the ocean, which we had the pleasure of experiencing recently on a windy sunset cruise.

Cape Town view from the ocean

More specifically, we’re living on a gorgeous farm just outside Stellenbosch which is surrounded by mountains, vineyards, rivers and a very different culture to Johannesburg in many ways, most of them being positive, relaxing, friendly and welcoming.

Almost synchronistically, we’ve settled into a new studio in the visionary Devonbosch business and residential development which is less than 3km from our front door, so zero traffic and less than 5 minutes to the studio. It’s amazing how the Universe provides when you follow your instincts and commit to a goal. Thank you Universe! Here’s an aerial pic of our studio building to help you get your bearings if you visit us here, which you’re welcome to do. We’d love to discuss ideas for your photo and video portfolio!

Brickfield Studios at Devonbosch

Outdoor Video and Photographic has already established an amazing network of new clients and we’re sincerely grateful for their support and friendship, as well as that of all our long-standing clients, associates, family and friends. Thank you all! So, going into the new year we’re filled with enthusiasm, passion for what we do best and knowing that the more effort we put in the better our results will be in exceeding both our and our clients’ expectations, and the more value we will collectively contribute.

In the meantime, we wish you wonderful success and peace of mind as we head into 2023. Let’s make it count!

Illovo Central view towards Sandton

Movers and Shakers

How strongly do you buy into the power of visual content to amplify your marketing and online media? If you’re anything like our valued client FWJK, you’re fully on board and leveraging it to the benefit of your business and brand. What started out as a casual introduction over a cup of coffee has blossomed into our excellent relationship with the highly professional team of engineers and project managers at this dynamic and dedicated property development company.

With specialist insight and input from the FWJK team, we capture the journey of each new development, from turning the first sod of soil to completion of their “AAA” grade high-rise office blocks in Sandton, Johannesburg – the heart of Africa’s financial hub. An effective strategy that we’ve implemented together is to create a quarterly update video and series of photos of the progress achieved over the previous 3 months, until completion of each project.

This is particularly appreciated by the stakeholders and investors, as they get to see the awe-inspiring work that results in each building rising up from an empty piece of land and growing every quarter into a towering icon. Premium finishes and fittings add the final touches to what will become a sought-after base for the prospective tenants and owners, as they proudly share their new abode with their clients, friends and families.

The video below shows FWJK’s latest development, Illovo Central, going up in the exclusive location between St Davids Marist in Oxford Road and the iconic Summer Place conference centre in Mellville Rd. It will be an 18 story “AAA” office facility, eventually sharing its ground floor with Illovo Point which is directly next to it, to create an upmarket retail experience for diners and shoppers. The video depicts the building progress from February to end April, 2019:

This strategy is a classic example of a modern corporate or commercial business adapting to the times and utilising the best possible platforms to market, inform and archive their exceptional achievements in the form of time-lapse videos, aerial video and stills, as well as traditional ground-based videography and photography. Including photos and footage of key players in the projects adds interest and appeal too, bringing the coverage vibrantly to life.

How can your business benefit from leveraging compelling visual content and archival media to ramp up the impact of your marketing? We’d love to discuss the value in this, as it applies to your specific requirements and industry, with a view to applying our extensive experience and expertise to support your business growth. Please contact us if you’re interested in exploring ideas and options. We’d love to assist.

P4 Pro Shooting Aerial Footage for OV&P

How Do We Do It?

Here at Outdoor Video & Photographic, we’re privileged to have long-standing relationships with some of the finest corporates and property developers in South Africa. What’s really cool is how much we’ve learnt over the past 18 years that has enabled us to improve and refine our techniques and technology so that our clients are always excited about the work we produce for them.

A big game changer over the last 10 years has been the advent and exponential growth of what is known as image stabilisation, which is achieved through powerful technology being built into hand-held filming platforms such as the DJI Ronin. Even more amazing is the use of similar technology in remotely controlled quadcopters known as DRONES, like the P4 Pro pictured above.

When we create a video or short film there are a multitude of factors that come into play which, if not choreographed and planned effectively, can result in lost time, money and more importantly, one’s reputation in the videography industry. Ground based filming, usually done with gimbals or tripods, as our good friend and freelance cameraman Chris Duys demonstrates below, is the foundation of most filming projects, but being able to add a whole new dimension (literally) to the storyline has upped the ante bigtime.

Chris Duys Shooting Video for OV&P

This is where aerial drones and hand-held gimbals come into their own. The technology used in drones has enabled manufacturers to shrink the size, reduce the originally exorbitant price dramatically and exponentially increase the functionality and quality of these amazing pieces of engineering art, to the point that if you don’t take advantage of them you’re going to get left behind in terms of missing the opportunity to exploit the potential power of your online and traditional marketing efforts.

The silver bullet is the incredible level of stability one can achieve using these three axis gimbals with the latest tech stabilising the image irrespective of the wind buffeting the drone every which way or the jarring that is almost impossible to obviate when walking, running or jumping around with a hand-held camera that is not stabilised.

In the past filmmakers have used huge pivoting structures called jibs to track moving objects on the ground and they’ve had to use expensive helicopters for aerial shots with expensive gimbal systems to stabilise the video and stills footage. All of this new, amazing tech is particularly effective when combined with other elements to achieve the desired look and feel for each production.

Chris Duys & Dave Estment of OV&P

On the technical side, this involves combining elements such as ground based tripod footage and ground based gimbal footage with stabilised aerial footage (the new dimension), as well as time-lapse footage where applicable. This is created from multiple interval images such as Chris and I were setting up here to capture construction in progress. Some other key elements that come into play are creative aspects like shallow depth of field, focus pulling, lighting, audio and slow/fast motion effects, colour grading, etc.

Using one element on its own is limiting and far less compelling than leveraging our creative and technical talents to merge all of the options available, be it to create content for construction, corporate, wildlife, commercial or any other visual tool intended to enhance credibility, highlight differentiators and showcase value systems on behalf of any business out there.

I hope this brief explanation of how we do it and what tech we use sheds some light on the complexity of options available to our videographers in their quest for excellence. If you have any questions, you’re welcome to post a comment below. We’re happy to chat!