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OV&P Team Shooting at Cloud Nine in Sedgefield

Shooting in Paradise

Have you been to Knysna – jewel of the spectacular Garden Route here in South Africa? If not, allow us to introduce you to a taste of the magic that’s in store for you when you do! We had an exceptional experience shooting a special portfolio of images and videos for Visit Knysna, to help promote tourism to this enchanting region, which is a paradise for bird enthusiasts.

From Fynbos, estuary and riverine to montane and coastal environments, each setting offers a unique glimpse into the avian world, and a host of activities for nature lovers. You can explore hiking trails through ancient forests, paddle along serene waterways, go golfing, cycling, surfing, boating or whale watching, relax on the beach or simply bask in the beauty of this natural wonderland.

It was a treat for our team to create this captivating video, which we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed creating it:

Our second video shares a delicious array of culinary delights in and around Knysna, including inviting restaurants and coffee shops to suit all sorts of tastes, local markets, as well as beer and gin distilleries, amongst breath-taking views and laid back settings:

You’ll see that we’ve combined awesome aerial perspectives with inspired ground-based filming and editing to showcase enticing places and experiences that convey the essence of Knysna and surrounds. Special shoutout and thanks to all the wonderful people who feature in these videos, starting with Mark Dixon in the birding video, who is a highly experienced and knowledgable local guide.

Go to to book a tour with him and browse to find out more about this beautiful part of the world and all that it offers. Then contact us if you have a destination, venue or adventure business to promote. We’d love to help you achieve this with compelling photography and videography that contributes tangibly to your success!

Winelands Anniversary

It’s been a year since we moved from Johannesburg to the magnificent Western Cape Winelands and we feel so privileged to live and work here, especially when we get to film and photograph breath-taking properties, including farms, lifestyle developments, homes and historical buildings. Shooting property is one of our specialties, in part because Dave and I both certified as estate agents years ago, so we understand the requirements and have insight into what works to highlight key features of properties.

We love this work as it draws on a number of our core skills, including my diploma in interior decorating, which contributes to shooting interiors, and Dave’s extensive experience and skill as a licensed aerial drone pilot. In addition to recently filming and photographing the various buildings and vineyards on a beautiful wine farm, he captured a stunning time lapse sequence of the sunset from a spectacular vantage point. Here are a few behind the scenes pics to give you an idea of what we did:

Our interior and exterior, aerial and ground based images and video combine powerfully to create compelling portfolios that assist owners in showcasing their properties and promoting their associated businesses and services, or else support the sales objectives of appointed estate agents. Depending on the specific purpose of each shoot, the content can be enhanced with our product and lifestyle photography and videography too, shot strategically in our studio or on location in enchanting settings.

We’re also passionate about crafting impactful promo videos that leverage top quality, evocative content with captivating scripting and professional voice overs that convey the essence of our clients’ vision and message, while effectively demonstrating what they deliver, because ‘showing’ prospective customers what you do is so much more meaningful than ‘telling’ them. Contact us today if you’d like a no-obligation conversation to explore inspiring ideas to showcase your business or property.

Special shoutout and thanks to all our clients and associates who’ve contributed to our successful business transition to the Winelands, and to our wonderful family and friends for all they’ve done to help us establish our new home here!

Naomi & Dave Estment of Outdoor Video & Photographic

Wrapping up 2020

What a year this has been and how amazing to think that it’s almost behind us! We can likely agree that it’s been particularly challenging, including for businesses across the board. So, we’re especially grateful for each and every client, associate, supplier, family member and friend who has supported us and participated in our journey throughout 2020. Sincere thanks to you all!

Despite the significant impact of lockdown on our in-person photo and video shoots, as well as the knock-on effect of widespread budget cuts by many clients, we’ve been blessed with some inspiring work for special people. The creative fulfilment this brought us offered refreshing relief from the global focus on Covid-19, and we’re delighted to have contributed to their marketing campaigns. Above is a recent pic from our final climb onto a warehouse roof to retrieve the time lapse camera that had been faithfully capturing the contstruction of the new warehouse that you can see behind us, for our valued clients at Fortress REIT Limited.

Here’s another example of a project that we filmed and photographed for SA Paving, including capturing their wonderful team at work! This video combines ground and aerial photography and videography, which adds great perspectives for a more dynamic viewing experience, and helps to showcase the premium service that this industry leader has been delivering for over 40 years:

And here’s a super fun, Bond-inspired stop motion sequence that we created for Dimanzi perfume’s men’s fragrance, which Dave wears and we love! The theme incorporates vibrant gambling flair, complete with cards, chips and dice rolling out onto a black glass reflective surface for added impact and allure. Take a look for some fast-paced action and then click here to shop online for Christmas gifts in the form of gorgeous Dimanzi fragrances for men and women to treat that special person in your life!

Do you have any innovative plans for your marketing projects, perhaps to implement in 2021 so that you can start the year strong? We hope these two videos give you some fresh ideas and inspiration, and wish you every success as we move forward in collective recovery from 2020. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and may your festive season be richly blessed!