Aerial Photograph of Construction in Progress

Time Lapse – It’s Just A Mystery

Time lapse photography is a genre of video work that uses still images shot at pre-determined intervals to create the illusion of a high speed ‘time warp’ for the viewer. It’s a popular method for creating another perspective on the progress or timeline of a project, event or natural scenario. Imagine shooting the night sky by depicting the stars and satellites appearing to scribe perfect arcs in the sky as the earth rotates, or creating a video to illustrate the progress of a skyscraper, where the building appears to go from its foundations to completion in just 90 seconds, with tiny people scurrying around at warp speed like ants building a nest!

We at OV&P have created a variety of time lapse sequences ranging from the erection of a record 13,000+ sq.m of Nomadik tents that seemed to pop up from nowhere in preparation for the epic annual 702 Walk the Talk event at Marks Park in Johannesburg, to a 19 month time lapse project of a 15 story building being constructed in the Sandton CBD – changing the suburban landscape forever to match the frenetic business transactions also happening at warp speed in the prime office space of the financial capital of Africa.

The variety of applications for time lapse video is unlimited, but we prefer to focus primarily on specific industries in order to specialize and serve our clients best by developing techniques and processes that give them the edge in their marketing. We often combine different elements of video into a project because we find that the more interesting we can make it, the more engaged the audience is, and the more success our clients enjoy. Below is a sample of the collaboration between Action Gear and OV&P in creating lasting relationships with developers like FWJK, whose 3 month progress on their Illovo construction project is depicted in the video:

Using a property construction project as a time lapse example, we utilize traditional ground based video to capture the close-up and panning shots required to emphasize the quality and attention to detail that’s so important to investors who demand the best bang for buck. We then add exciting high level aerial footage shot from our hi-tech drones. As a SACAA registered and qualified pilot, I use different techniques to fly through, circle upwards and away from the site and to get really creative shots not possible before the advent of drones. During all of this, there are strategically placed time lapse rigs quietly doing their jobs, perfectly positioned to capture the required compositions in order to illustrate the magical way that the building grows from day to day.

We highlight important stages of construction by using shorter intervals between shots to feature more detail for viewers, and then contrast this with the warp speed illusion which is so dramatic. We feel that using multiple disciplines to convey the story creates the most compelling end result, ultimately ensuring that we exceed our clients expectations and maintain a competitive edge in the market place by utilising the best gear, the best people and the best techniques available to ‘get the shot’. When we at OV&P call it a ‘wrap’, we go home and sleep well knowing that we went the extra mile to secure a win-win for all concerned.

Metropolis On Park Building

Metropolis on Park

Sometimes it seems that time simply flies, especially when this is marked by significant progress and development on a dramatic scale. It feels this way for us with regard to the impressive Metropolis on Park building that was recently completed (at Mushroom Park in Sandton, Johannesburg) and launched by the Barrow Group. There was fitting cause for celebration, providing premium living space and spectacular views for the new residents, and we really enjoyed photographing the festive crowd of people who were treated to a special evening in superb style. Continue reading “Metropolis on Park”

Coolest Building in Jozi 2015

Coolest Building in Jozi

CONGRATS to the Barrow Group, as well as their architects and everyone else involved in Katherine & West, which has been voted the COOLEST building in Jozi 2015 via the City Peaks people’s choice award! It’s our privilege and pleasure to have filmed and photographed this iconic building in Sandton on behalf of Barrow, and we’re not surprised that it has taken the top spot in the inaugural year of this uber-cool competition, dubbed “The X Factor of office space”. Within the magnificent exterior, Katherine & West incorporates 8 floors of prime office space, crowned by 7 luxurious duplex penthouses. Continue reading “Coolest Building in Jozi”