location photo shoots

Top model Lee-Ann Roberts

Power of Professional Profile Pics

It’s wonderful to witness how beautiful portraits can contribute to their subject’s self esteem, not to mention towards their professional success. We’ve seen this over and again in our studio and on location, shooting hundreds of models and non-modeling people of all ages during the past decade. From bubbling children and tentative teenagers who are awakened to the delight of feeling attractive, to men and women well into middle age and beyond, who have never before appreciated a photo of themselves, or corporate staff photographed at their office, the sense of fulfillment is profound. Continue reading “Power of Professional Profile Pics”

Tracey Kroukamp

Professional Modeling Portfolios

Professional modeling portfolios are one of our particular specialities, whether shot in studio or on location. Above is a sample image of model Tracey Kroukamp, for her 2011 IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) portfolio, which she took with her to New York. We shot this in our studio, against a huge, black fabric backdrop, lighting Tracey from the front with two softboxes directed at different angles, as well as a third hair-light shining from higher above and behind her head. Continue reading “Professional Modeling Portfolios”