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Dimanzi Eau De Parfum

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Do you have a need for compelling product photography? If so, you likely know that creativity and attention to detail are key to success. This is particularly relevant when these principles have also been applied to the product being photographed. For example, a significant amount of time, attention and care went into creating the beautiful Dimanzi perfume and branding that you see here.

We had the pleasure of attending an enchanting presentation recently by Di Thompson, the founder of Dimanzi. She has a captivating story, infused with meaning, that spans her experiences in South Africa and France, including studying at the prestigious House of Guerlain on the Champs Elysees in Paris. Her journey led to her creating this “rainbow floral green fragrance with fresh and woody notes capturing the essence of our African spirit and aligning it with true French chic”.

Each aspect of the product and packaging has been specifically selected by Di, from the essential oils that are sourced from Grasse in France (the home of many great perfumes) and the glass beads that are made by local women in the rural areas of the Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands in South Africa, to the black and white zebra design that reflects Di’s personal Burchell heritage. The name Dimanzi also intentionally combines her name with the word “Manzi” which means water in the Zulu language.

To photograph this gorgeous product, we placed it on the light table in our studio and used a combination of 3 flash lights with adjustable intensity. Two of the lights were set up to shine through soft boxes, from either side of the light table, a bit above and in front of the product. A third light was positioned on the floor beneath the light table, shining upwards through a sheet of blue gel, which looks like a piece of extra strength cellophane. That created the blue glow in the background of the image.

This is one example of how to showcase a product with the introduction of a colour hue to contribute mood. Of course videography can evoke another level of interaction and sensory involvement, combining the art of motion with audio cues that can orchestrate emotion and motivate action in your viewers. We love to do both, hence why we’ve specialised in photography and videography genres since launching Outdoor Video & Photographic over 18 years ago.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas and professional photos and videos to showcase your products, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

Nikon Camera Gear

Occasionally, Less is More

We have plenty of cutting edge camera gear that enables us to get the best out of any given circumstance, with a view to creating world class video and photographic galleries for our clients. Buying this equipment is a rather expensive exercise, but well worth it in the long run because it is more durable, has all the manual controls one requires for professional results, and the components like lens glass and focus mechanisms are the best in the business. Continue reading “Occasionally, Less is More”

Show Champion Dachhund photographed by Noami Estment of OV&P

How to Photograph Dogs

Dogs add so much fun to life, don’t you agree? And to photo shoots for that matter . . . although there’s no denying that they can be challenging! Perhaps the most important thing to pack is a big dose of patience, along with your camera and a zoom lens, together with your flash. If you’ll be shooting outside then a reflector may also be a good idea, as long as you have someone who can assist you by holding it, and the dogs can be depended on to be relatively still some of the time. Depending on the nature and training of the dogs you’ll be photographing, treats may be helpful too. And by the time you’re done, you can bet that all of you will be ready for a long drink of water! Continue reading “How to Photograph Dogs”