2 thoughts on “Rhino Gallery

  1. Ron Houck

    Hello Dave and Naomi,
    My name is Ron Houck and I’m a professional artist and instructor at the Art Institute in Sacramento and Sunnyvale, CA. I’m starting work on a new series of paintings that will merge the figure with powerful animals. I like the dynamics of your wildlife photography, Dave, and dramatic lighting that you capture. I’m interested in various Rhino shots that you take, and wonder if you have any unpublished shots that you’d be willing to sell for work that I’d be using in a future scene in a painting. Especially those with dramatic lighting and/or 3/4 shots. in various positions?
    Ron Houck

    • Naomi Post author

      Hi Ron, thanks so much for your enquiry and congratulations on your beautiful work. Dave has replied via email and we look forward to hearing from you! Warm regards from SA, Naomi

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