Do you feel the pull of the wild?

Perhaps you’re privileged to own or manage a game lodge, host trips or transformational events in the African bushveld, run conservation projects or simply love spending time in nature.

Either way, you sense that the experience can be life changing. You’re drawn to share it with the clarity and eloquence you know it deserves, but how can you do this most effectively?

At Outdoor Video and Photographic our passion is to help you. Deeply connected with the beauty of the bush, we love to combine our extensive experience of photographing and filming wildlife with our specialist visual marketing and documentary skills.

Whether you want to fill your lodge with eager guests, convey a key conservation or transformation message, or inspire others with a vivid record of your safari, we’re standing by to shoot photos and videos that capture the essence of your story.

In the meantime, watch the promo video below that we created for the enchanting Ant’s Hill and Ant’s Nest private game lodges in the Waterberg, and one of the documentaries that we created for our national Safari Guide of The Year Competition.

Then contact us to explore how we can help. We look forward to hearing from you.