“Pretty is something you’re born with. But beautiful, that’s an equal opportunity adjective.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Modeling portfolio shoots and portraiture for all ages are a particular passion of ours at OV&P studio, where we specialise in guiding clients to relax, pose beautifully and connect with the camera. Professional make-up is also available on request. Here are just a few of the beautiful people we have photographed in our studio:

22 thoughts on “Modeling Gallery

  1. Mapula ramakalela

    I wana entre miss sa teen 2012,im a new inexpriencd model

    • Naomi Post author

      thanks for your comment, Mapula. I’ll email photo shoot details to you shortly. Best regards, Naomi

  2. Oyamma

    Do you think size matters? Even if you’re pretty.

    • Naomi Post author

      Hi Oyamma,

      If you are asking in relation to the Miss SA Teen competition, then I suggest contacting the pageant organisers with this and any other entry-related questions, here: http://www.misssa.co.za/contact-us. With regard to general modeling work, size/height/age/etc. would likely be relevant, depending on what the client is looking for, and bearing in mind that there is a broad scope of requirements for different applications.

      All the best, Naomi

  3. Lulama nqubuka

    I have always wanted to model for miss SA Teen but never really knew how and when.. Im inexperienced but would love the oppurtunity

  4. Kay

    Hey please email me photoshoot details.would like to work with you ASAP. And directions too.

    • Naomi Post author

      Have done so, Kay. Thanks for your enquiry. All the best, Naomi

  5. Savannah

    Hey,Im wanting to enter miss teen SA and would appreciate it if you could send me your details of the photoshoot.Thank-you

  6. Tracey-lee Nel

    Looking for an agent to help me arrange an portfolio please

    • Naomi Post author

      Hello again Tracey-lee. We aren’t agents, but do offer modeling portfolio photo shoots so I’ll email you information about that. All the best, Naomi

  7. Shandelle Gordon

    Hi, just looking to get a professional portfolio done. Looking for you rates.

    • Naomi Post author

      Hi Shandelle, thank you for your enquiry. We’ll be happy to help 🙂 Our rates are on their way to you via email. Warm regards, Naomi

  8. Keletso

    I’m an a aspiring model and I’m looking to do a shoot for my portfolio. I would like to know what your rates are please.
    Thank you

    • Naomi Post author

      Hi Keletso, sincere thanks for your enquiry and apologies for this delayed reply. I’ll email our rates to you shortly. Warm regards, Naomi

    • Naomi Post author

      Hi Sipho, thank you for your enquiry. I have emailed the details to you. Best regards, Naomi

  9. Michelle

    Hi, just looking to get a professional modeling portfolio photo shoot done for my 16 year old daughter . Looking for your rates ,if you can please email me all the info.

    Thank you for your help.


    • Naomi Post author

      Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your enquiry. We would love to assist with a modeling portfolio photo shoot for your daughter. I’ve emailed details to you and look forward to chatting soon. Warm regards, Naomi

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