Phenomenal Lady

Anel Bester, Wellness coach

Particular fulfilment is found in helping someone transcend their resistance to the camera, especially a phenomenal lady who has a specific business need for a compelling portfolio. What a pleasure it was to recently co-create this with Anel Bester. A profoundly inspiring person and gifted wellness coach, Anèl is also founder of the Phenomanèl coaching business. Skilled at helping clients to identify stumbling blocks and mobilize their courage in order to tackle challenges, her ability to catalyze change is based on sincere caring and integrity, as well as extensive experience and training.

Before the shoot, we discussed our approach, sharing ideas for themes, outfits, backdrops and props, which assisted Anèl in selecting clothes and accessories to bring along. This initial preparation also contributed to setting her mind at ease and started to build anticipation for capturing the professional images that would support the online and offline promotion of her business. Since her brand colours are black and white with accents of hot pink, we decided to play with these too in the editing phase, after shooting all the images in full colour first.

Wellness Coach, Anel Bester

One of the key focus areas of the business is Phenomanèl Women’s Coffee groups, which involve monthly meetings that implement the power of the mastermind concept, as explained in the best selling book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: “no two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind [the master mind].” In line with this, we shot a series of photos where Anel looked absolutely fabulous with a dainty cup of Nespresso in her hand – giving you an idea of how we can tailor portfolio shoots to specific requirements. To view more images from the shoot, take a look at our Facebook album, Phenomanèl Lady.

Anel Bester, Head Coach at Phenomanèl

Anèl had this to say after her shoot: “I am one of those individuals who always stand in the back when it comes to photographs, and normally cringe when I see the results! Naomi has the rare gift of connection – of understanding the discomfort that can come from standing in front of the camera and how that translates to a dreadful photo! With her passion for her craft, her enthusiasm for what she sees through the lens and her phenomenal energy she had me completely at ease within 5 minutes, having fun with the session instead of feeling my cheeks tremble from the effort of smiling. The results speak for themselves. I received the gift of a portfolio of photos that reflected my personality and style effortlessly. Naomi was professional yet relaxed from our first discussion of a possible shoot, to the presentation of the end product. This is one photographer that I would highly recommend to anyone who normally runs a mile when they see a lens pointing in their direction!

Heartfelt thanks to Anèl for her thoughtful testimonial, and for the special opportunity to photograph her in our studio. You’re welcome to contact us if you’d like to discuss your own requirements for a photo shoot. We’d be delighted to help.