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What A Team

When last did you update your website photos? For you, this may mean compelling profile pics of you and your team, if you have one, as well as some captivating behind-the-scenes shots of you all at work, doing what you do. It’s also key to showcase where you work by featuring attractive, welcoming images of your premises, indoors and outdoors (including aerial) if that’s appropriate for you.

We recently had the privilege and pleasure of capturing fresh website photos and footage for the fabulous team at Blakes Maphanga Attorneys in Randburg. An esteemed, long-established law firm that specializes in providing expert legal services, they have beautifully maintained premises including a library filled with law books. It’s special ambience contributed to creating a perfect setting for some of the team and individual photos, and for strategic filler pics that evoke mood for their new website:

Blakes Maphanga Website Photos

These filler pics purposely focus on relevant items such as law books, branded pens, spectacles, notebooks, cups of coffee and discreet vases of flowers, with the background blown out of focus. What items can help to showcase what you do and offer visual insight to enhance your website and amplify your brand? It’s worth considering this for your next photo and/or video shoot.

You want to help prospects instantly and easily imagine what it will be like to work with you, while building the ‘know, like and trust’ factor for your brand. Ideally, shoots will also promote teamwork in a powerful way, revamp your company spirit and reinforce your and your clients’ confidence in your business. Of course, professional video content can ramp up the impact of this even more.

Professional shoots that leverage skillful lighting as well as experience and expertise in composing photos and assisting you to pose attractively, can dramatically up-level the success of your marketing, online and offline. They can also help to position your brand as premium, empowering you to charge premium prices, if this is in alignment with the value and quality that you offer.

Mid-year is a great time to refresh your online presence and spice up your website with an up-to-date look and feel, to help you and your business finish the year strong! If you need help with professional photos and videos, you’re welcome to contact us.

Powerful Portfolio Books

When you think about photo albums, all sorts of variations may come to mind, perhaps featuring weddings, personal photo shoots or family holidays, to name a few. But how about showcasing your company or your work projects in a powerful way? This is one of the specialist applications that we apply to portfolio books, ranging from high-end, leather-bound options with individual presentation boxes, to more affordable, quality versions, all of which can uniquely highlight who you are and what you do.

One of our esteemed clients, the Barrow Group, have capitalized on this opportunity to showcase their exceptional construction work, such as for their iconic Metropolis on Park building in Sandton, Johannesburg. Above is a sneak peek at the beautiful top-of-the-range photo book that we designed and delivered for them, along with 10 mid-range versions, all finished to exacting standards. As an example, these can offer the means to share an exquisite summary of the building in its reception area, as well as provide personal gifts for key stakeholders. Here is another pic, showing the personalized front cover with the Metropolis on Park logo.

We captured photos and footage from the start of the development, when blasting began, right through significant milestones to completion of this 13 story masterpiece, which is topped by penthouses. Photographing the fabulous launch party enhanced our scope of content with warm, engaging images of people enjoying themselves in and around the building, reflecting the exclusive luxury lifestyle that it offers. We created a similar series of unique portfolio books for Barrow’s phenomenal Katherine & West building in Sandton, which was voted the Coolest Building in Jozi. That featured some of the select installations of business tenants, in addition to captivating penthouse spreads. For both projects, we included breath-taking aerial perspectives using drone technology.

For years, we have used a similar A3 sized, leather-bound portfolio book to support the marketing of our company, Outdoor Video & Photographic. It features a double page spread for each of the primary genres of photography that we offer, including wildlife. This has served us brilliantly at countless introductory meetings, giving prospective clients an immediate idea of the quality and style of our work, and establishing common ground with those who share our passion for wildlife. If you fancy raising your marketing game with a powerful portfolio book, then feel free to contact us to discuss your options. We’d love to connect with you.

In the meantime, to find out more about the exceptional residential apartments available for sale and to rent at ‘Sandton’s Most Beautiful Address‘, please visit the Metropolis on Park website . . . and prepare to be enchanted!

Guest Speakers photographed by Dave Estment of Outdoor Video & Photographic

Fabulous International Flavour

Wow, what a brilliant event! Last month we called all entrepreneurs to the Revolution Evolution Entrepreneur Summit hosted by Hema Vallabh of The Passionate Professional at The Capital Moloko hotel and conference centre in Sandton, Johannesburg. As highlighted then, we can re-emphasize now how inspiring, empowering and super-charging it was for all of us there. Hema skilfully selected an expert group of speakers who helped entrepreneurs shift their thinking and lift their businesses to the next level. Continue reading “Fabulous International Flavour”