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Winelands Anniversary

It’s been a year since we moved from Johannesburg to the magnificent Western Cape Winelands and we feel so privileged to live and work here, especially when we get to film and photograph breath-taking properties, including farms, lifestyle developments, homes and historical buildings. Shooting property is one of our specialties, in part because Dave and I both certified as estate agents years ago, so we understand the requirements and have insight into what works to highlight key features of properties.

We love this work as it draws on a number of our core skills, including my diploma in interior decorating, which contributes to shooting interiors, and Dave’s extensive experience and skill as a licensed aerial drone pilot. In addition to recently filming and photographing the various buildings and vineyards on a beautiful wine farm, he captured a stunning time lapse sequence of the sunset from a spectacular vantage point. Here are a few behind the scenes pics to give you an idea of what we did:

Our interior and exterior, aerial and ground based images and video combine powerfully to create compelling portfolios that assist owners in showcasing their properties and promoting their associated businesses and services, or else support the sales objectives of appointed estate agents. Depending on the specific purpose of each shoot, the content can be enhanced with our product and lifestyle photography and videography too, shot strategically in our studio or on location in enchanting settings.

We’re also passionate about crafting impactful promo videos that leverage top quality, evocative content with captivating scripting and professional voice overs that convey the essence of our clients’ vision and message, while effectively demonstrating what they deliver, because ‘showing’ prospective customers what you do is so much more meaningful than ‘telling’ them. Contact us today if you’d like a no-obligation conversation to explore inspiring ideas to showcase your business or property.

Special shoutout and thanks to all our clients and associates who’ve contributed to our successful business transition to the Winelands, and to our wonderful family and friends for all they’ve done to help us establish our new home here!

Dave Estment of Outdoor Video & Photographic

Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the USA and, in the spirit of gratitude, heartfelt thanks to every one of our valued clients and associates, also for our 45 fantastic Google reviews! 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 It’s thanks to you that we’ve been in business for over 21 years.

We’re so grateful also to have set up our studio recently at Devonbosch near Stellenbosch (as per our last post) and listed OV&P on Google for the first time, because we had our studio at home in Johannesburg and wanted to retain our privacy there. It’s wonderful to freely share our address now and we welcome visitors here! Please just check before popping in that we’re not out on a shoot πŸ˜„

Google listing for Outdoor Video & Photographic

In the pic above, Dave was photographing super rugged, very colourful wheelbarrows for a client at Devonbosch a few days ago, which was so much fun and provided a range of great setups to depict commercial, industrial, domestic and farm oriented scenarios. It also led to lots of interest and a business enquiry from local cyclists, who frequent the development for early morning coffee.

Do you leverage the power of sharing client testimonials about your business, including Google reviews, and behind-the-scenes photos or videos of you doing what you do? In our experience, this can typically generate valuable interest via social media, blog posts and emails, and contribute to conveying an authentic, approachable vibe for your business by showing rather than telling.

With this in mind, please contact us if you or someone you know needs beautiful, compelling photos and videos to showcase what they do or their products. And for those who are the face of their brand, a fresh personal branding portfolio may be just the thing to start 2023 in inspirational style. We’d love to help with studio and location shoots in or around Stellenbosch and Cape Town!

Dave Estment - Aerial Photographer & Videographer

At Your Service

Such strange times we’re all experiencing. How are you and yours holding up? We hope that you’re finding ways to navigate our global situation successfully, including continuing to work as that applies to you. We’re grateful to be back in business after some barren lockdown weeks, and are at your service to help with any ground or aerial photography or videography needs you may have.

Above is a pic of Dave prepping his drone before a recent shoot we did for the fabulous team at Nature’s Choice and their Baobab manufacturing facility. This was to create a promo video for them to share with prospective partners, with a view to providing contract packaging opportunities to utilise the full capacity of their state-of-the-art plant that processes raw materials and packages them into ready-to-eat, resealable pouches. It was a privilege and pleasure to work with this positive, purpose-driven and visionary team!

Here’s a sneak peek, including ground and aerial perspectives that showcase the superb level of excellence they uphold:

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