Coolest Building in Jozi 2015

Coolest Building in Jozi

CONGRATS to the Barrow Group, as well as their architects and everyone else involved in Katherine & West, which has been voted the COOLEST building in Jozi 2015 via the City Peaks people’s choice award! It’s our privilege and pleasure to have filmed and photographed this iconic building in Sandton on behalf of Barrow, and we’re not surprised that it has taken the top spot in the inaugural year of this uber-cool competition, dubbed “The X Factor of office space”. Within the magnificent exterior, Katherine & West incorporates 8 floors of prime office space, crowned by 7 luxurious duplex penthouses. Continue reading “Coolest Building in Jozi”

Barrow Construction Development

Soaring with Eagles

We have been privileged to film and photograph a number of Barrow Construction’s iconic property developments over the past few years, the latest being the luxury apartment block that will be known as Metropolis on Park, which is being erected on Mushroom Park in the middle of the Sandton CBD. This well established public park with paved walkways and sprawling lawns graces Sandton with a necessary dose of tranquility and natural beauty, and provides an idyllic setting for the building. Continue reading “Soaring with Eagles”

Site under Construction

Power of Recording Progress

Are you in the habit of pausing to appreciate the progress and milestones that you reach on the path to your goals? And sharing these with the people around you, particularly those who have played a part in the process or may benefit from your achievements? There is alchemy involved in celebrating your journey, and investing in quality photography and videography that amplifies this exponentially. Continue reading “Power of Recording Progress”