Power of Recording Progress

Site under Construction

Are you in the habit of pausing to appreciate the progress and milestones that you reach on the path to your goals? And sharing these with the people around you, particularly those who have played a part in the process or may benefit from your achievements? There is alchemy involved in celebrating your journey, and investing in quality photography and videography that amplifies this exponentially.

We are privileged to assist with this type of coverage for some of our valued clients, including Capital Property Fund Limited. Above is an early morning perspective of recent work in progress on one of their sites, which is in the process of transformation, ultimately into a dynamic industrial development. In this case, we provide still images and video, including aerial, to comprehensively record the action in accordance with their requirements.

More broadly, capturing progress applies to numerous scenarios. Here are two to consider, which may spark ideas for opportunities:

(a) Brand Identity Change – All aspects of this process lend themselves to capture, including photos and footage of your staff engaged in associated activities, signage being replaced, painting and other work in progress, actual launch events, new website images, revamp of premises, etc. As an example, we were honoured to provide the full spectrum of coverage for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange during their new brand implementation earlier this year, contributing to a range of key record keeping, team building and exposure.

(b) Personal Image Updates – These apply online and offline, in order to keep your personal communications vibrant and engaging, e.g. fresh profile pics for your social media pages or a compelling portfolio of media images, incorporating a range of settings relevant to your business and/or lifestyle. Gina DeVee, leading international women’s success coach, employs this practice superbly. Follow her online for a vivid lesson in how to harness the power of professional photos and videos to connect with your clients and maximize your return on investment with regard to Facebook ad spend, for example.

Regardless of your personal style and business focus, you can be sure to find value in regularly capturing your progress in a quality fashion, and sharing this with your community. And a definite bonus is the fun that you can have along the way!