JSE’s Inspirational Events

Event Decor at JSE

There is no disputing the pivotal role that expertly conceptualized and executed events can play in terms of engaging your market, amplified by capturing the action professionally in still images and video. Masterful at hosting select events, the Johannesburg Stock Exchange also plays a pivotal role in educating and inspiring countless people across South Africa and beyond, while contributing intrinsically to our country’s economy.

We have been privileged to cover a number of key events for the JSE, including their recent Media Day and Investment Challenge Awards Ceremony. Both functions incorporated the special, inspirational energy of youth, with the Media Day attendees including students and journalists from a broad range of publications, and the Investment Challenge Awards recipients consisting of South African high school learners and university students.

Typical of the events hosted by the JSE team, these were executed with superb professionalism, exquisite attention to detail and signature, welcoming ambience – combined with expert presenters who delivered powerful, relevant, insightful content. You can witness this yourself by viewing these videos:

Although the above Awards Ceremony pertained specifically to those who were involved in the Investment Challenge for high schools and universities, the JSE’s virtual trading game has enjoyed such success that the exchange also offers it to individual members of the public. This means that you too can exercise your investment skills and learn about trading JSE listed instruments within the safe online environment of a simulated program where performance is tracked and measured. You can find out all about it and how to participate by following this link: JSE Virtual Trading Game.

Given what we gleaned from the insight and inspiration shared at the events featured in these videos, we plan to take advantage of this unique opportunity offered by the JSE to explore investing in the virtual stock market. We encourage you to consider it too, and wish you every success!