For Your Eyes Only

Michelle Chrystal on Yamaha R1 Motorcycle

When you’re in the mood for entertainment, James Bond delivers, being synonymous with epic action, beautiful women, cutting edge technology, iconic music scores, ultimate luxury and tongue-in-cheek humour. The aspirational lifestyle brand Yamaha embodies all of this and more, as evident in the new, Bond-inspired TV advert that we’ve created for them. In case you missed the much-anticipated launch of the ad last weekend, you can still catch it this month on Supersport, flighting during key rugby matches on Saturday, for example.

In the meantime, here is our exclusive preview. Take a look. You Only Live Twice Once!

Sincere thanks to Yamaha SA for entrusting us with this exceptional project. Not only is the ad content sexy and exciting, but it incorporates four product lines of this phenomenal brand, namely motorcycles, marine, music and Hifi – each guaranteed to add quality, excitement and fun to your life. See for yourself in the behind-the-scenes albums on our Facebook page or watch this top-secret scoop on behind-the-scenes action:

Big shout out to our entire cast and crew, starting with leading lady Michelle Chrystal (pictured above) and leading man Armand du Plessis. As a CA student, classical ballet teacher, beauty queen, model and aspiring actress, Michelle epitomizes the merging of beauty and brains. Armand is a current Mr South Africa finalist, with good reason. Not only does he inspire others with his actions, integrity and dashing looks, but as a lawyer specializing in child law, he is poised to make a positive difference in society, where it counts.

Our gratitude also goes out to the premier venues that we had the privilege of utilizing for this shoot, in particular The Islands Estate at Hartebeespoort Dam, where the marine action happened, Michelangelo Towers in Sandton where the evocative final scenes took place, and Gerotek’s world-class vehicle testing facility where we filmed some of the preliminary motorcycle action, starring our team of stunt ladies led by Wilmarie SA Speed Queen.

All in all, creating the brand new Yamaha TV ad has been unforgettable. May the advert be too.

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