Preparation Tips for Studio Shoots

Naomi Estment with Nikon Camera

Launching into 2015, now is an opportune time to refresh your brand and update your profile pics, in order to give your personal or business promotion a boost. Product and portraiture studio shoots can contribute effectively in this regard, and there are ways to proactively prepare for these in order to maximise the benefits that they offer. Here are some tips to assist you in making the most of your next shoot:

1. Take the time to select a photographer whose portfolio and style resonate most strongly with you, and whose rates accommodate your budget. The quality of the connection and energy between you will have a profound impact on the results of your images.

2. Consider the best timing for your shoot and book it accordingly. You may feel fresher for portraiture in the morning or it may take you longer to relax into your day. Allow ample time beforehand to eat something satisfying and to have your hair and make-up done if required. For product shoots, ensure that all the necessary items will be available as studios typically charge by the hour so it could cost you more to split the shoot due to delayed products.

3. Prepare your clothing and accessories in advance, after discussing your options with your photographer, with a view to matching these to various backdrops, as well as your desired style and mood for the shoot. Preferably avoid busy clothing patterns and don’t wear white against a white background, or black against black, but rather juxtapose these and also try plain, bold colours that complement your complexion. Similarly keep your product arrangements simple and sleek, paying attention to colour and texture combinations that highlight your subject.

4. Inject personality and style into your shoot by including something definitive like a quirky hat or item in a few of the images. Make this meaningful by relating it to your life, interests or business strategy, so that it also contributes to building your brand. For example, we shot a selection of photos for Phenomenal Lady Anèl Bester, head coach at Phenomanèl, using a dainty cup of Nespresso coffee, in order to showcase her mastermind coffee groups.

Anel Bester, head coach at Phenomanèl

5. Remember that you are the client and this is your time to shine, so let go of your inhibitions and feel free to be creative. The more of your own sparkle you contribute to your shoot, the more you will get out of it. Of course you’re welcome to contact us if you’d like to book a shoot. We’d love to assist.