SABC Sports Lifestyle Show

SABC 2 SLS Insert on Dave Estment

Super cool being on the other side of the lens for a change! We had the pleasure of being filmed by Robert and Ngwako for the SABC 2 Sports Lifestyle Show last week, which aired on Wednesday, in between Freedom Day and Workers Day here in South Africa. They were wonderful to work with and we are sincerely grateful for this special opportunity to showcase some of what Outdoor Video & Photographic is about, as well as share insight into our wildlife experiences and Dave’s professional superbike racing career.

This spanned 9 years and included representing our country on the world stage and being awarded the coveted Most Talented Rider in SA trophy twice in a row. Above is a pic of him in his workshop, surrounded by the on-road and off-road motorcycles that he loves, as well as a host of tools, which he often gets to use for various applications, drawing on his background in mechanical engineering.

All of this experience has been invaluable in our business, for a number of reasons. His technical talent and expertise as well as his passion for cutting edge technology are the primary contributors to keeping us ahead of the curve in terms of our photography and videography equipment and offerings. In addition, the finely hones reflexes from his racing days still serve him in all of the action shooting that he does, particularly motorsport and wildlife.

Hindsight is sometimes referred to as a perfect science and it certainly can illuminate the way that our talents converge to create a powerful combination that is ideally suited to what we land up doing in life – particularly when we have the privilege of following our passions. Hence our personal recognition of both Freedom Day and Workers Day takes the form of deep gratitude for the success of our professional photography and videography business, which gives us the freedom to do the work we love, the way we love to do it.

A huge part of this enjoyment and appreciation is due to our clients, whom we value deeply and thoroughly enjoy assisting with our services. All of this makes sharing insight into OV&P that much more pleasurable, especially with a great camera crew to shoot it. So big thanks to Robert, Ngwako and SABC!