Musings with Dan Newby

Passionate Professional Branding

Event videography opens the door to sharing a range of often profoundly inspiring footage with your intended audience, online and/or offline. This, together with the creative fulfilment we experience in the process, contributes to why we particularly enjoy it. A recent highlight for us was filming The Passionate Professional’s latest Mentorship Musings event, which featured an interview with internationally renowned ontological coach, Dan Newby.

As the co-founder and principal of UnlearnRelearn, Dan offers “training in coaching skills, effective communication, resilience, trust, leadership, team formation and alignment, accountability and emotional intelligence”. So the session was all about how to “Unlearn and Relearn the fundamentals of human interaction through language, emotion and the way our bodies communicate” – valuable skills in all walks of life and certainly relevant to entrepreneurship, such as running a photography and videography business in our case.

Providing this type of support for entrepreneurs and other professional people, as well as mentoring and incubating leaders is core to the impactful work that Hema Vallabh of The Passionate Professional undertakes. Her visionary approach includes advance preparation and planning of the most helpful content to offer her network, as well as how best to leverage the power of videography and photography to reach and assist as many people as possible, while reinforcing her brand most effectively.

In terms of branding, we ideally like to shoot some still images of the branding at events, as well as brief video clips of this, with a view to using a selection of these as relevant cutaways to enhance the final edited video. This makes for variety and compelling messaging, especially when creatively combined with vibrant cutaways of interactions between the people at the event, in addition to the focus on specific content, presenters, VIP guests, food, decor, entertainment, interviews, etc.

Most importantly, we suggest taking the time to strategically plan how and when to shoot and then utilise your footage and incorporate it into your marketing mix. If you would like help with this, you’re welcome to contact us today.