Wow Your Website

Video is a leading means of engagement on the Internet, so it makes sense to capitalize on this to up-level your website by sharing a compelling intro video on the front page, for example. This can take many forms, depending on your focus, but a simple and impactful approach can be to film yourself speaking about what you do and why. Yet if you’re not familiar with the potentially complex process of shooting and creating videos, the thought of going about this may be overwhelming. Here are a few pointers to get you started, as well as a sample intro video from my personal website

My first suggestion is to ask yourself some key questions in order to establish the core of your content, beginning with: What is the burning WHY behind your brand? This applies to your personal and/or your business brand, whether these are one and the same or quite distinct from each other. Which thoughts, feelings and inspirations motivate you to be who you are and to do what you do? What values are important to you, and how do these merge with your natural style and tone of communication, both written and verbal? The process of clarifying your answers to these types of questions helps tremendously in planning your content, and the quality of this content is crucial to engaging with your audience.

This leads to the next essential question. Who is your ideal client? What fears, frustrations, desires and dreams motivate them? Where do they hang out and how do they spend their time? What problems of theirs can your products and/or services solve for them, and why? Are they able to articulate these issues? If not, how can you best help them to do this via education based marketing, in order to support them in overcoming their challenges? When you start to contemplate these questions and understand the answers as they apply to your viewers, you are well on your way to connecting with them.

As brand experts explain, the best way to do this is to hone your message as tightly as possible for your target market, so that they feel and experience you speaking directly to them. When shooting your video, it may help to imagine one specific person on the other side of the lens, with whom you are most inspired to connect. This contributes to bringing your most authentic presence to the party. And authenticity is key to connecting with anyone, as much via video as in person. Simply being yourself is your first priority, not to mention the easiest and most fun way to interact.

Depending on your relationship with the camera, though, this may be easier said than done for you. If so, take a look at my blog post on How to Overcome Being Camera Shy, which can help you with this. And while you’re there, sign up at for plenty more insight and tips to help you rock that camera and share your brilliance via images and video, which is a sure way to wow your website.