Historic Aerial Capture

Aerial Photo of Group Five Project

Not far from the Botswana border in the Northern Cape Province, nestled amidst the protected Camel Thorn Trees, our OV&P team recently had the opportunity of spending two days on the outskirts of the town of Kathu. Our mission was to capture the progress of Group Five’s phenomenal project, which was commissioned by Kumba, an Anglo American subsidiary, to implement the approved resettlement and expansion of the mining town of Dingleton, situated adjacent to the Sishen Iron Ore site near Kathu.

We jetted across from Lanseria to Sishen Airport and could not have hand-picked two better days for aerial drone flying. The previous night’s rain storm had settled the dust, leaving the lingering scent of damp earth, especially welcome since Sishen and the surrounding areas are on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. Our DJI Inspire 1 Drone worked its magic, capturing exceptional perspectives and the extensive scope of the housing project:

Aerial Image of Group Five Project

We were impressed and delighted by the assistance and knowledge provided by everyone we dealt with on site and it was great to experience the ripple of excitement as they witnessed, first hand, how state of the art technology and skills can effectively showcase their work in progress. Our photos and footage also highlighted the quality of workmanship and attention to detail that the community can look forward to.

Special mention to the Mongoose Guesthouse, a gem hidden in the centre of the picturesque Sishen Golf and Country Club. Although a brief trip for OV&P, we thoroughly appreciated their luxurious accommodation and superb service. This pleasure was enhanced by the intense beauty of the Camel Thorn forest so carefully and respectfully protected by the Kathu community.

This relocation and expansion project combines Group Five’s core specialties in construction, infrastructure and related services, exemplifying their delivery of successful solutions to clients and communities. Sincere thanks to them for the opportunity to capture this historic project that encompasses the upliftment of so many people.