Dream Promo Video

World's View Bath at Ant's Hill

Does your spirit stir to the sound of adventure and wide-open spaces within Africa’s spectacular wilderness? If you fancy being treated to a tailor-made, activity-filled safari of a lifetime for yourself as an individual, with your family or a group of your friends, then be transported by the short promo video that we’ve created for Ant and Tessa Baber, who own and run Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill bush homes in the Waterberg, South Africa:

We have been truly privileged to combine a number of our key passions, skills and experience on this exceptional project. Given the spectacular setting, Dave took his cameras outdoors and sent his aerial drone to the skies, capturing a range of breath-taking perspectives to highlight scenery and action, while I focused on show-casing the timeless family values and vibrant, stylish accommodation with lovely people savouring it all.

The delicious food, which is served in stunning environments, seduced us both, and so did all of the beautiful horses! Over 90 of them roam free among the wildlife, each matched carefully to their riders, who include those of all ages and riding ability. It was moving to see enchanted guests recount their experiences of riding between magnificent Cape buffalo, rhino, rare antelope and many other species.

To witness this feedback for yourself, you can find a host of guest reviews on the Ant’s Nest & Ant’s Hill page of the TripAdvisor website. Having been to these idyllic bush homes beforehand, we had some insight into the magic that they offer, which we supplemented by reading these reviews that brought home how unforgettable the tailor-made Ant Collection experiences are.

This insight, combined with input from Ant and Tessa, provided the content for our script, which in turn formed the basis for our intense 9 day shoot, featuring very early mornings, long hours and profound creative fulfilment. Heartfelt thanks to Ant and Tessa, as well as their fabulous team and our fabulous team! We hope that watching this video stirs your spirit in the special way that creating it has stirred ours.