Camera Equipment Checklist

XF300 Canon Camera

Despite how organized a trip may be, how often do you arrive at your destination, only to discover that some of your gear got left behind? Worst case scenario may be to go without it if you’re in a really remote location, or else to use some unplanned budget funds to purchase a replacement or hire a courier to make an urgent delivery to the closest form of civilization. Perhaps this sounds familiar?

With our OV&P team frequently on the road, busy with a range of exciting, high end photo and video shoots, such as capturing the phenomenal Kumba relocation project for Group Five, or creating a promo video for the gorgeous Ant’s Nest & Ant’s Hill bush homes, we have to be on the ball in terms of planning and preparing our kit. This is where a checklist comes in handy, since your equipment is key to delivering the complete project.

Here is a quick summary that I thought to consolidate, in case it helps you with your future planning, and to avoid that sinking feeling of realising that you’ve forgotten something. Feel free to use this as a guideline and to add your specific details to help create your own tailor-made list.

Photo & Video Equipment Checklist

1. Cameras (stills and/or video, GoPro, etc.)
2. Lenses (wide-angle, zoom, fixed length)
3. Tripods and Supports (beanbags, gimbals, etc.)
4. Remotes (for stills and video cameras)
5. Rain Hoods and/or Waterproof Casings
6. Batteries (for everything!)
7. Battery Chargers (ditto)
8. Two-way Radios and Earpieces
9. Aerial Drone (if you use one)
10. Ipads, Iphones/Smartphones and Chargers
(especially if you use these with your drone)
11. Lights (e.g. LED lights that work off electricity or batteries)
12. Microphones (e.g. rifle mic, lapel mic, Zoom external recorder)
13. Computers / Notebooks/ Laptops and Chargers
14. External Hard Drives
15. Headphones
16. USB Cables
17. Camera Cards
18. Card Readers
19. Extension Cables
20. Multi Plugs
21. Basic Tools
22. Sun Block
23. Hats
24. Mozzie Repellent

Bonus Notes to Self

Before preparing and packing, wear attire appropriate for a gym workout because, by the time you’ve got all your gear together, you will likely be sweating!

Charge all batteries before your departure and include a good supply of AA and AAA batteries too.

Extra Tips For Wildlife Photography

If you’re fortunate enough to be planning a safari, here are some more pointers from Dave: Wildlife Photography – What to Pack, Preparation Tips.

And that should be it. Happy Packing!