Metropolis on Park

Metropolis On Park Building

Sometimes it seems that time simply flies, especially when this is marked by significant progress and development on a dramatic scale. It feels this way for us with regard to the impressive Metropolis on Park building that was recently completed (at Mushroom Park in Sandton, Johannesburg) and launched by the Barrow Group. There was fitting cause for celebration, providing premium living space and spectacular views for the new residents, and we really enjoyed photographing the festive crowd of people who were treated to a special evening in superb style.

This project, similar to Katherine & West (voted the Coolest Building in Jozi) also developed by Barrow, is particularly close to hearts because we’ve had the privilege and pleasure of recording the extensive progress from the start, when excavations were first underway to prepare for foundations, underground parking and lift shafts. We ventured out with hard hats on some chilly early mornings, capturing misty moments of men at work, sun-filtered dust and front end loaders bathed in golden hour light.

A number of times, Dave also sent his aerial drone to the skies, until it all but disappeared beyond the consistently increasing storeys that towered above us from ground level. No matter how often he shoots aerial photos and videos, often of major construction projects for our valued OV&P clients, the perspectives and results always take my breath away. There is a magnificence of scale that merges so effectively with ground angles that it lifts the visual experience to another level, including interior and exterior shoots.

Having also photographed the interior of an apartment at Metropolis on Park, we can vouch for the luxury quality and beautiful design that will delight you there. So visit their website if you’re on the lookout for a dream apartment in the heart of Sandton. And you’re welcome to contact us if you’re inspired to consider how aerial photography and videography may help you to showcase your project or promote your business in a fresh, new way. We’ll be happy to chat.