Personal Branding Portfolio

Professional Make-up at OV&P Studio

It was such a treat to photograph gorgeous, dynamic business lady Heather Church in our studio recently. As an accomplished speaker, facilitator and coach, she led by example in front of the lens, radiating confidence and grace, despite any nerves beforehand. Above is a behind-the-scenes pic of Juanita (our OV&P Operations Manager and Professional Make-up artist) applying a quick touch up in between takes.

We are often privileged to create portfolios for high-profile ladies, many of whom frequently speak freely in public but admit to being camera-shy. You may be surprised by the statistic that 77% of women are more anxious having their photo taken and posted to social media than they are of public speaking and having a job interview (from a Dove survey, published online by New Media Rockstars in July 2013).

In our experience, this applies to photography and videography, both of which are becoming increasingly more pivotal to establishing and maintaining a successful brand presence and online profile. Heather understands this, and arrived with a fabulous selection of outfits and accessories that reflect and enhance her personal business brand. Here is one of her photos that illustrate this, highlighting her engaging presentation style and personality.

Heather Church - speaker, facilitator, coach

It is deeply fulfilling to have the honour and delight of assisting our clients in this way – particularly because of the widespread need that I’ve witnessed over many years of photographing and filming individuals, which has led to the Confidence on Camera Workshops that we offer and the online course that will follow soon, via my website We are so grateful to Heather for lighting up our studio with her special energy, and for her wonderful words that share insight into her experience at our shoot:

Naomi and Juanita, you are top of my list of people one just has to meet! Juanita, you made me look like a million dollars and Naomi, you made me feel like a million dollars! Who knew at this stage of my life, you could help me feel so confident? Thanks for all your encouragement during the shoot and for your absolute talent producing those photos! You really deliver what you promise! Looking forward to the next time!” – Heather Church