How To Promote Your Event

The Capital Moloko Hotel & Conference Centre

Various factors contribute to the successful promotion of your event, with particularly powerful ones being relevant, high quality photography and videography. This is because great visual marketing provides you with the means to inspire and excite prospective delegates by drawing them into the experience they will have at your function. A special example is The Passionate Professional’s Evolution Revolution Summit for entrepreneurs, which takes place on 20 – 21 July at The Capital Moloko hotel and conference centre in Sandton, Johannesburg. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to lift your business to a whole new level, follow that link to discover how significantly you can benefit from this exceptional event.

The beautiful, aspirational venue lends itself to pre-event marketing, so our goal in doing this was to feature each of the available summit presenters in this setting, shooting photos and 2-minute videos of each speaker explaining their content, as well as a short introductory overview video. I’m honored to be included in the phenomenal line-up of international presenters, so for a taste of what we created and what we’ll be doing, here is the video for my session:


As with all aspects of promoting your event, planning your visual marketing strategy is key. It’s important to scout your venue in advance and decide where to shoot your photos and videos, including indoor and outdoor environments that show viewers the entrance, conference centre, reception, breakaway rooms, dining and bar areas, as well as balconies and gardens, for example. Here are a few of my photos to give you some ideas:

Naomi Estment - Photographer, Videographer, Confidence on Camera Coach

Taking the time to align each speaker’s video message with the theme of your conference, and having them prepare this beforehand, streamlines your shooting time for all concerned and helps to raise the resonance of everyone’s energy, contributing to a more unified marketing drive. We recommend scripting your videos beforehand, whether or not you will use a teleprompter, as this ensures maximum impact. If you’re keen to discuss creative ways in which we can help you promote your next event, then please contact us. We’d love to help you fill those conference seats to capacity!