Versatile Studio Setups

Video Interview Setup in OV&P Studio

Our Studio is the scene of ongoing creative inspiration, expert shoots and loads of fun, for photography and videography alike. Given the abundant natural light and various backdrop and lighting scenarios, our setup options cover a wide range of requirements. One option that you may not have considered is a video interview setting such as the scene pictured above, which was inspired in part by Marie Forleo’s fabulous weekly Marie TV videos, full of brilliant content that she shares herself, as well as via interviews with high-profile thought leaders on key topics that serve so many of us in business and life.

This has been top of mind for me since recently completing Marie’s phenomenal online B-School course and starting to create my own online course teaching Confidence on Camera. We are using this setting to help us develop some of the video-based content for the course, which will be offered via my website You may have different requirements that could showcase your content via a similar setting, or in another way altogether. To give you an idea of How Video Can Work For You, follow that link to my article that shares the 90-second entry video that won me my scholarship to B-School. It shows a completely different backdrop setting that we arranged in exactly the same spot in our studio.

For more ideas, here is a photo that shows one of the lighting setups that we often use, together with various backdrops, for our in studio photo shoots.

Jhb Studio for hire - Photo 1

We also have a green backdrop hanging behind this grey one, which we pull out specifically for Green Screen Video. Follow that link if you’d like to know more about how this technique works, which is so effective for utilising alternative backgrounds to a presenter, for example, in the form of photographs or footage. We also get creative with a range of coloured gels that look like thick cellophane and can cover studio lights in order to reflect various colours of light onto our white backdrop, creating beautiful glow effects.

A variety of props, furniture and signature items can all contribute to unique and compelling in studio settings for your photos and videos. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to discuss ideas for your own shoot, bearing in mind that these are not limited to being in studio but can take place at all sorts of outdoor scenarios and alternative venues such as your home or business, or aspirational settings such as high-end hotels or conference facilities. Most importantly, let your selection be guided by what makes you feel great and resonates with your personal or business brand. And always have fun!