Fitness & Fashion Shoot

Model Carla Britz

Shooting modeling portfolios in our studio is always a pleasure – never more so than for a gorgeous young woman who embodies fitness, fashion and fabulous beauty. Carla Britz (pictured here) is just such a model, and we had a whole lot of fun creating a selection of photos to highlight this.

Carla had a good idea of what she wanted in terms of the style and mood for her shoot. A little while beforehand, she shared some high-profile photos from Instagram with us for reference. This can be helpful for you too when you plan your own shoot, since there are so many stunning ideas to be found online and in magazines, for example. We definitely recommend browsing around, to gain insight into what you’d like to wear as well as for settings, lighting, props and poses. To kickstart the process for you, here are a few more sample images from Carla’s shoot:

Beautiful Model Carla Britz

It’s particularly useful to get a feeling for the type of mood you’d like in your photos – or videos for that matter, if you’re having some filming done, such as an intro video for your website or a series of marketing videos for your business. As a journalism student, Carla is becoming progressively more involved in social media and blogging, and she is interested in developing on-screen video aspects of her portfolio too. This is a smart move, especially considering that 74% of all online traffic in 2017 is predicted to be video (stats from Syndacast, as reported by Hubspot Blogs in Jan 2016).

To do justice to your brand or potential career – even an emerging one if you’re a young person – it pays to give some thought to how best you can showcase your talents, via photography and videography. To assist with this, we offer group presentations and interactive workshops via my signature website in order to help visionary leaders build their confidence on camera for both photos and videos. Carla has her eye on attending our video training already, so keep a lookout for a lot more of this beauty, who has heaps of potential for a career in the spotlight.

In the meantime, a well-known modelling agency is keen to snap her up and start arranging bookings during her upcoming vacation. However things unfold for Carla and her career, one thing’s for sure: the camera loves her . . . and given how lovely she is, that’s not surprising. We wish her all the very best for a radiant future in front of the lens!