New Year & Birthday Celebrations

Dave & Naomi Estment - Dec 2018

Happy New Year from us and ours to you and yours! May 2019 bring all you wish for and more. In addition to a freshly clean slate to explore new adventures, we celebrate something specific in January. It’s the anniversary month of founding our business and this month Outdoor Video & Photographic turns 18 years old. Cheers to voting and drinking rights!

We’re especially grateful to have wrapped up 2018 and started 2019 with wildlife photo and video shoots on magnificent game farms. If you’ve followed our blog, you’ll likely know that Dave and I share a particular passion for this, and perhaps also that it’s one of the main genres that motivated us to launch OV&P and to keep infusing pleasure and fun into our lives by doing what we love and loving what we do. Here’s a sneak peek into some of the exceptional wildlife photos that Dave has enjoyed shooting recently:

Male Lion photographed by Dave Estment of OV&P

Male Lion photographed by Dave Estment of OV&P

Rhino close up in mud photographed by Dave Estment

Rhino in mud bath photographed by Dave Estment

Over the years, our OV&P work has aligned more strongly with our extensive corporate experience and we specialise in helping blue chip organisations and entrepreneurial businesses maximise the power of their marketing via expert ground and aerial photography and videography. Dave’s technical skills and mechanical engineering background combine with his passion for leading edge technology to keep Outdoor Video & Photographic at the forefront of aerial drone photography and videography advancements.

This led to some significant corporate and commercial projects in 2018 that commanded much of Dave’s focus and expertise, including epic ground, aerial and time lapse photos and footage. My primary goal for 2018 was to create and publish the video-based content for my suite of 7 transformational online courses. That included maintaining my award winning blog at and taking a sabbatical from this award winning OV&P blog for most of 2018 – in case you’ve noticed it’s been quiet around here 😉

My courses are geared to help visionary women entrepreneurs boost their online presence via brilliant personal branding photos and videos. They contribute a brand new dimension to the products and services that we offer. If you’d like a juicy taste, sign up for my free course at Also, stay tuned for fresh blog content coming your way here to share insight and inspiration about how pro photography and videography can benefit you and your business in 2019!