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Tracey Kroukamp

Professional Modeling Portfolios

Professional modeling portfolios are one of our particular specialities, whether shot in studio or on location. Above is a sample image of model Tracey Kroukamp, for her 2011 IMTA (International Modeling and Talent Association) portfolio, which she took with her to New York. We shot this in our studio, against a huge, black fabric backdrop, lighting Tracey from the front with two softboxes directed at different angles, as well as a third hair-light shining from higher above and behind her head. Continue reading “Professional Modeling Portfolios”

Rhino at sunset

African Sunset Inspiration

This is a site where you’ll find the photographs doing plenty of the talking, being focussed on professional photography and videography.

The image featured above was shot from ground level, about fifteen metres away from a considerable herd of rhino. This is exceptionally unusual, even here in South Africa, where we have the largest (albeit tragically dwindling and desperately threatened by poaching) population of rhino on the planet.

It was our privilege and pleasure to film and photograph them recently for a special project that aims to help save the rhino from extinction – more of which we’ll disclose as this unfolds.

For now, here’s a link to our OV&P – Professional Digital Imaging Facebook album that shares a whole lot more spectacular inspiration: African Sunsets

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In our experience, few scenes stir the soul quite so profoundly as the sun setting over the African bushveld, especially when accompanied with the sounds of the wild, like the song of cicada beetles or the full-bodied roar of a nearby lion. It’s enough to give you genuine cause to pause between laughing with friends and raising an ice cold drink to your lips.

What would you rate as your best sunset ever?