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Naomi & Dave Estment of Outdoor Video & Photographic

Wrapping up 2020

What a year this has been and how amazing to think that it’s almost behind us! We can likely agree that it’s been particularly challenging, including for businesses across the board. So, we’re especially grateful for each and every client, associate, supplier, family member and friend who has supported us and participated in our journey throughout 2020. Sincere thanks to you all!

Despite the significant impact of lockdown on our in-person photo and video shoots, as well as the knock-on effect of widespread budget cuts by many clients, we’ve been blessed with some inspiring work for special people. The creative fulfilment this brought us offered refreshing relief from the global focus on Covid-19, and we’re delighted to have contributed to their marketing campaigns. Above is a recent pic from our final climb onto a warehouse roof to retrieve the time lapse camera that had been faithfully capturing the contstruction of the new warehouse that you can see behind us, for our valued clients at Fortress REIT Limited.

Here’s another example of a project that we filmed and photographed for SA Paving, including capturing their wonderful team at work! This video combines ground and aerial photography and videography, which adds great perspectives for a more dynamic viewing experience, and helps to showcase the premium service that this industry leader has been delivering for over 40 years:

And here’s a super fun, Bond-inspired stop motion sequence that we created for Dimanzi perfume’s men’s fragrance, which Dave wears and we love! The theme incorporates vibrant gambling flair, complete with cards, chips and dice rolling out onto a black glass reflective surface for added impact and allure. Take a look for some fast-paced action and then click here to shop online for Christmas gifts in the form of gorgeous Dimanzi fragrances for men and women to treat that special person in your life!

Do you have any innovative plans for your marketing projects, perhaps to implement in 2021 so that you can start the year strong? We hope these two videos give you some fresh ideas and inspiration, and wish you every success as we move forward in collective recovery from 2020. In the meantime, Happy Holidays to you and yours, and may your festive season be richly blessed!

Dave Estment - Aerial Photographer & Videographer

At Your Service

Such strange times we’re all experiencing. How are you and yours holding up? We hope that you’re finding ways to navigate our global situation successfully, including continuing to work as that applies to you. We’re grateful to be back in business after some barren lockdown weeks, and are at your service to help with any ground or aerial photography or videography needs you may have.

Above is a pic of Dave prepping his drone before a recent shoot we did for the fabulous team at Nature’s Choice and their Baobab manufacturing facility. This was to create a promo video for them to share with prospective partners, with a view to providing contract packaging opportunities to utilise the full capacity of their state-of-the-art plant that processes raw materials and packages them into ready-to-eat, resealable pouches. It was a privilege and pleasure to work with this positive, purpose-driven and visionary team!

Here’s a sneak peek, including ground and aerial perspectives that showcase the superb level of excellence they uphold:

Online communication, especially via video, has never been more important for connecting with your followers, clients and prospects, filling the void created by social distancing and mass elimination of in-person meetings and conferences. Are you utilising this medium, and if so, to its full capacity? If not, why not? Are there perhaps obstacles in your way, such as discomfort towards showing up on camera, uncertainty about how to do this most effectively, or confusion surrounding your visual marketing message?

If that’s the case, then now’s the time to act to ensure you don’t get left behind or lost in the noise of amplified competition online. We have the perfect gift to help you, in the form of Naomi’s FREE Rock That Lens Intro online course that offers a great introduction into how to shine on camera and create a compelling online presence that magnetises your ideal audience to you.

Free Online Course by Naomi Estment

CLICK HERE to join the savvy professionals and business owners who have been eagerly signing up in recent weeks. Why? Because being grounded and clear in your branding and personally empowered to convey your message to your target market is essential to success in our new reality, and exponentially more impactful with the help of exceptional, authentic photo and video content.

If you need a professional shoot to ensure that your photos and videos stand out from the crowd, please get in touch. We’d love to assist.

Smartphone Video Sample in OV&P Studio

Timely Smartphone Tips

Hi everyone, we’re thinking of you with care and curiosity at this challenging time. How are you feeling and responding in relation to the current world crisis caused by Corona? Whether anxious and uncertain or determined to move forward positively, we’re sure it’s playing on your mind to some degree. Perhaps the conversation includes questions about doing business online?

Either way, your online presence, in terms of your personal and business brand, is more important than ever for connecting with others. And connection is key in order for you to contribute your valuable services and perspectives to your community. With virtual communications replacing in-person meetups everywhere, photos and videos are fundamental to conveying your message in a compelling, authentic way that benefits you, your business and your prospective clients.

Online success requires sharing fresh imagery of yourself and topics related to your brand on a consistent basis. Professional photo and video shoots are pivotal for positioning your brand as premium, particularly when it comes to profile pictures and promotional content on your website and online platform. There is also value in shooting and sharing smartphone photos and videos for general social media and blog posts, provided that you’re empowered to showcase your brand and do it justice.

So, we’d love to support you in learning how to shoot and share meaningful, better quality photos and videos, simply with your smartphone. For this reason, Naomi has added two brand new BONUS videos to her Smartphone Shooting Tips online course which she’s offering for ONLY $27 (70% SAVING) until midnight on Sunday 22 March 2020 to inspire you to take action.

Smartphone Video Equipment Samples
Above is a thumbnail from one of the new bonus videos in the course that demonstrates sample equipment, and the top image is from the other bonus video that features various samples of smartphone videos, to give you ideas for your own videos. The core content lessons in the course are geared to help you boost your online presence by learning the following:

* Insider tips to shoot and edit your smartphone photos
* How to take better videos of you presenting to camera
* 5 essential tips to help you present effectively on video
* Plenty of ideas for value-rich photo and video content

In a nutshell, this course can be your kickstart to leverage the capability of your smartphone camera. For your complete peace of mind, it includes a full 30 day money back guarantee in case you’re not entirely satisfied, which we sincerely doubt will happen. CLICK HERE to sign up and start shooting and sharing photos and videos that represent you and your brand engagingly.

P.S. If you feel it can benefit people you care about, please share this post with them and help us to help you. Thank you!