Corporate Boardroom Photography

NFB Financial Services

Together with expert videography, corporate boardroom photography can play a key role in representing your company and staff in a professional, compelling way. Apart from potentially allowing a look inside your premises, which can offer prospective customers added assurance of your credibility and profile, this also makes your business and the people working there that much more approachable via online and offline media.

Independent Industry Leader

We were delighted to update the photographic portfolio for NFB Financial Services Group recently, including individual staff profile pics, in addition to management and team images, such as the ones featured here. As one of South Africa’s leading broad spectrum advisory businesses, NFB enters its 30th year of outstanding success next month, providing independent financial advice, products and services to high net worth individuals, trusts, businesses and institutions. This notable achievement is based on uncompromising integrity and consistent excellence. Please visit their website to find out more.

NFB Financial Services Group managers

Preparing for your Photo Shoot

Regarding a corporate photo or video shoot, it’s important to address specific requirements beforehand, to facilitate smooth procedure on the day and minimize the time required for all concerned. Firstly, establish your preferred setting, bearing background, lighting and mood in mind, as well as the available space, considering how many people need to be accommodated in group photos.

Importance of Professional Setup

Also, notify all participating staff in time to ensure that they are appropriately prepared and dressed for the occasion – in order to complement your company vision as well as your chosen backdrop. This could be a portable backdrop in a suitable colour, or you may prefer to use a boardroom wall, or to shoot outside your building to showcase your branding, for example. Either way, professional equipment is essential to achieve excellent results.

Corporate Video Insight

We’ll delve into corporate videos in more detail in a future post, covering a range of options such as company profile, promotional, informational, testimonial and training videos. In the meantime, please contact us if you’d like to book a corporate shoot or discuss how we can help.