Compelling Team Portfolio

Working with a fabulous team of people is always a pleasure. This was the case for us recently, when we shot a portfolio of images for Zonke Engineering, who have been providing complete technical solutions to blue chip clients in the mass and heat transfer markets since 1997. For more information about their expert offering, please visit their website via that link. Our thanks go to them all for their wonderful welcome, co-operation and support.

The shoot involved capturing their great group of staff in various team scenarios, as well as shooting individual profile pics, which we did against a portable backdrop with a pair of studio lights, set up in their beautifully appointed boardroom. In addition, we took some photos in and around the building to show-case their top quality premises, for them to share with overseas clients in order to provide insight into where they are situated.

A comprehensive collection of compelling images can go a long way towards encouraging engagement via business websites and a variety of printed and other media, as well as contributing towards building brand recognition and credibility. Our suggestion for corporate clients and business owners is to capitalise on the opportunity of a commissioned shoot in order to create an archive of superb images that can be used as and when required, such as personal portraits to accompany future published magazine articles, for example.

Using a plain backdrop on location at the company offices also means that we can easily repeat and supplement this process at a later date in the case of any absent staff members, or for new people who may join the team – ensuring a similar style and quality for the whole portfolio. Since we at OV&P are in the unusual position of specialising in both photography and videography, we offer a full range of options for both, from events of all sizes to training and promotional videos and infomercials, often combining still and moving images where appropriate.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have requirements in this regard. We’d be happy to discuss how best we can assist.