How to Plan a Promo Video

OV&P Video Shoot for Be Unique

Collaboration is key when it comes to planning a great promo video, as this typically involves working together with other members of your team as well as your client/s. Above is a recent photo of some of us on set at the luxurious 8th floor pool deck of the Southern Sun Hotel in Hyde Park, where we shot some scenes for Be Unique. This is an initiative launched by SA Speedqueen Wilmarie Janse van Rensburg (second from right in the pic) that helps grade 11 and 12 students with inspired career mentoring.

Also in the photo is accomplished actor and presenter Tumisho Masha (next to me) and another special client of ours Hema Vallabh, founder and CEO of The Passionate Professional, which is a leadership incubator. Each person involved provided valuable input from their respective points of view, all of which came together with a good dose of the characteristic synergy that never fails to show up spontaneously in shoots of this nature.

We believe that this is a byproduct of clear intention, and strongly advocate sharing productive brainstorming sessions before you begin shooting as this contributes tremendously to streamlining your draft shotlist and accompanying script. It’s also helpful to prepare a guideline before you meet, listing a series of thought-provoking questions that will assist in establishing important guidelines for the video, such as the following:

1. Who is the ideal audience for the video?
2. Where will it be shared and what format will best suit that platform?
3. What is the primary purpose of sharing the video?
4. What is the over-arching message that the video aims to convey?
5. What style and tone is required to align with your client’s brand?
6. Will interviews and/or testimonials be shared in the video?
7. What is the ideal type of music to enhance the visual content?
8. Will a voice-over be required and if so, who will do it?
9. Will any special effects be incorporated in the video?
10. If so, who will execute these special effects?
11. How long is the video intended to be, based on how it will be utilised?
12. What call to action will be included in the content?

In addition to various other content, cast, location and logistics considerations, you also need to address budgets. Start by proposing your most impactful creative ideas that may cost a significant amount of money and work down from there if necessary, discussing various alternative options which may be more practical from a financial and/or time standpoint. Remind your client that paying for an excellent job will pay them back exponentially, many times over. Apply your best efforts and always have fun. That’s our number one rule for all our shoots.

If you’d like to discuss any video requirements of your own, please contact us to chat. We welcome your call.